Run for the border: Taco Bell boss wants Canada to take Justin Bieber back

O Canada, if you want waffle tacos, you're going to have to make a trade with the old Red, White and Blue. On Thursday, Taco Bell president Brian Niccol told Canadians who want his chain's new breakfast menu that they're going to have to take singer Justin Bieber back first.

Justin Bieber

Image: Justin Bieber
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The teen sensation got his start when his proud mom uploaded his videos to YouTube. Now he’s poised to rule the pop world.

Niccol participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything online chat tied to Thursday's launch of the new morning menu, which includes waffle tacos, crunch wraps, breakfast burritos and grilled tacos with egg.

But the menu, for now at least, is only available in the United States.

"Only to America? When is this coming to Canada?" a reader asked.

"When you take Justin Bieber back," Niccol replied. (The headline-making pop singer, 20, was born in London, Ontario, but now lives in the States.)

Niccol had fun with other questions and answers, too. He joked that Taco Bell sales in Colorado have increased "420%" since the state legalized marijuana, then claimed he had no idea what 4/20 meant. When asked what he'd add to the chain's menu, he answered "cerveza" (beer). And he shot down the dreams of old-school Taco Bell eaters by saying that the chain was not bringing back the Bell Beefer, a 1970s Taco Bell sloppy Joe-style sandwich that used taco meat.


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