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Rosie causes stir at Miami book fair

Rosie O’Donnell caused a stir as the 24th edition of the Miami Book Fair International kicked off on Sunday night, dropping the f-word as she addressed a small crowd of attendees.

O’Donnell twice used the f-word according to the Miami Herald. Though it was unclear how she used the word the first time, the paper reported her second use of the word was wrapped up in a criticism of President Bush.

The former “View” moderator was appearing at the book fair as part of her promotional campaign for her new book, “Celebrity Detox.”

O’Donnell said it was her first time at such an event.

‘‘I’ve never been to a book fair, so I didn’t know what to expect,” she was quoted as saying. “I thought maybe there would be rides, cotton candy. ... Turns out it’s a bunch of smart people talking about books.”

More than 300 seats were empty at the Miami Dade College forum, according to the paper. But fans who drove miles to see O’Donnell got plenty of amusement.

At one point, the comedienne joked that she would like the school do give her a degree. “I don’t care what kind it is,” she reportedly said.

Also during her trip, O’Donnell attended a book signing in Miami, where she revealed she had just signed a deal to host a TV talk show, according to podcast LyingOnTheBeach. O’Donnell reportedly said her show would rival Larry King’s, though she did not mention the CNN host by name, merely alluding to him with a reference to his trademark suspenders.

O’Donnell’s rep had no comment on the reported deal.