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Revenge is a dish best not served at all on 'Biggest Loser'

Feb. 21, 2012 at 10:11 PM ET

Chism, Jeremy, Cassandra, Emily, Megan, Christine and Daphne faced a table packed with their biggest temptations.

The last few weeks have been drama-packed on "The Biggest Loser," and if anyone thought that trend would be over now that Conda and co. booted both Adrian and Roy out of the game, they were mistaken.

Instead, things got off to desperate start Tuesday night as the players gathered for a temptation challenge – a particularly tempting one. Faced with plate after plate of all of their favorite foods, the contestants had the option to eat their way to power. The one to consume the most calories could switch the game around, deciding which members made up each team and who would train them. And they could do so anonymously.

The first to eat was Mark, who downed a couple of plates of venison worth 312 calories. (Yes, someone's favorite food was venison. It seems Kimmy loves to eat deer. Good thing, too, as she confessed in a frightening aside that she's mowed down 12 of them in her car! Bambi, beware.)

Chris, Kim and Cassandra also chowed down, enjoying pizza and peanut butter cups to varying degrees, but really their calorie totals didn't matter. And neither did Mark's. That's because Daphne, the one person in the game who could really benefit from a shakeup, ate nine plates of peanut butter cups -- that's 1890 calories' worth. Needless to say, she won.

But she didn't share that news with the rest of the game. Instead, Alison Sweeney announced that someone won, and then announced the changes, which were, to say the least, ineffective and underwhelming.

Rather than put power players together on one team, such as Conda, Jeremy, Chism and Mark, where they would eventually have to break down their alliance and pick each other off, Daphne only chose to swap Conda and Jeremy's places on the red and black teams. In other words, while Daphne annoyed them, the balance of power stayed the same. And while she technically remained anonymous, everyone knew she was responsible for the switcheroo.  

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So tensions remained as high as they ever had, and the target on Daphne's back only grew. Eventually, after trainer Bob Harper pushed her to do it, Daphne admitted that she was the mastermind behind the bad move. But that, too, didn't make a difference. Daphne was the odd player out without her brother, and the fix was in.

"I think they're trying to purposely sabotage this weigh-in," she noticed. "They have been eating bread all week long. Every time I turn around, I'm seeing somebody put bread in their mouth."

Which meant the only chance she had to stay in the game was to earn immunity by dropping the most pounds – a particularly daunting task after dropping 12 pounds last week and binging on peanut butter cups this week. Ultimately, it was a task she wasn't up for.

After the red team sailed through an easy weigh-in, Team Black, with the exception of Chris, put up one bad number after another. Heck, Conda even gained a pound, and Daphne gained two. But if fussing and fighting shed pounds, they would have all had a banner week, because the scale-side showdown was over-the-top with smack talk and finger pointing.

In the elimination room, doomed Daphne admitted that her decision to swap Conda and Jeremy wasn't gameplay. It was personal and in-part, an effort to get revenge for the way her brother Adrian was treated in weeks past.

Rather than just let that parting statement go, Conda chimed in.

"I would just like to say that I don't hold on to grudges," she said in a statement sure to make viewers roll their eyes as much as Conda usually rolls her own. "I don't seek revenge on people. I'm a role model and example to my daughter."

Ooh, boy. After a bit more bickering, Daphne said goodbye to the ranch and hello to a chance to leave the drama behind and lose weight back home with her family.

What did you think of the drama-packed episode? Was the black team wrong to throw the weigh-in, or did they just speed up the inevitable by getting rid of Daphne now? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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