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Report: FBI investigates 'Big Brother' death threats

Sep. 1, 2011 at 11:55 AM ET

Remember those death threats that went out to the family of “Big Brother” houseguest Shelly Moore after Moore played a big role in giving fan favorite Jeff Schroeder the boot on the reality TV staple? Well, as it turns out, they weren’t quite as threatening as the player’s family and friends first feared.

According to TMZ, the FBI met with Moore’s relatives earlier this week, and sources told the website that after a thorough review of the calls and emails, agents came to the conclusion that none of threats were “credible.”

The news no doubt comes as a relief to those closest to Moore.  On Monday, TMZ reported that threats of violence and death were aimed at the family — including Moore’s 8-year-old daughter. Days earlier, reality TV-centric website Yakkity Yaks pointed out various threats and personal information that were found online, on a Facebook page called “America Hates Shelly Moore.”

Now TMZ reports that at least the disturbing phone and email messages have "essentially stopped."

Even though sources claim the threats weren’t deemed credible, do you think some “Big Brother” fans still went too far in their personal reactions to Moore’s TV gameplay? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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