Readers split about whether Howard Stern good choice for 'America's Got Talent'

May 11, 2012 at 10:59 AM ET

Kathy Willens / AP /
Howard Stern

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This week, our readers were so split in their opinion of Howard Stern joining "America's Got Talent" that we selected a number of comments to show the variety of opinion.

On "Howard Stern: Someone should be fired for hiring me"

Tom Martin: "The man is a pig. The show should now be taken off the air!"

Alisa Arduca: "I can't stand him and would not watch it. He is disgusting on so many levels."

Renee Cybul: "King of all things raunchy, inappropriate, vile, and disgusting. He just took 'family viewing' out of the equation. Bad move, AGT."

Danielle Taylor Lewis: "Watch the show and see what you think. Most of you only know what you hear in the media or have seen on E!."

Diane DeAnda Navarrete: "It will be interesting ....I'm sure he'll be a lot of fun!"

Marisa Abernathy: "I will watch as long as he isn't worried about hurting anyone's feelings....I'm sure he will have no problem in that department."

On "Pop star Adele says 'I don't want to be a celebrity'"

Julissa Alburquerque: "Wow, what a contradictory statement. She decided to become a singer and worked hard to become known and now she says she doesn't want to be a celebrity? I just don't get these people sometimes."

On "Brad Pitt first male face for Chanel No. 5"

Debbie Justin Bellmyer:"He's a good looking guy; since his significant other is half French and they have a home in France, it makes sense for Chanel to use him. I'm a bit puzzled about why so many people are downing him ... the guy is a decent human being who tries to help others ... for example, what he's done in New Orleans to rebuild and put people in affordable energy efficient housing. There's no reason to be so critical of him...hopefully, he'll use some of the money from Chanel to help people."

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