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Readers finally got their 'Dancing' wish this week

Nov. 11, 2011 at 4:52 PM ET

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Pro hoofer Tristan MacManus gave partner Nancy Grace a friendly kiss the night they were eliminated from "Dancing."

For weeks, many Clicker readers who are fans of "Dancing With the Stars" complained loudly to us that HLN host Nancy Grace was getting voted through week after week not due to her amazing ballroom skills, but thanks to her legions of non-"DWTS" fans.

So when she was finally voted off on Nov. 8, readers couldn't stop clicking on our recap and made it our top story of the week.

"Finally! Farewell! Good Riddance Nancy Grace!" wrote reader Lori Ann McCabe Roy on our Facebook page.

"She did show a more softer (caring) side to her but she really couldn't dance, n should have went home a long time ago," Angele Tessier wrote.

"Well Nancy might have left "gracefully" but the rest of the time she was brutal and hateful to Tristan," wrote Connie Hadley. "She never listened - because if she had she might still be there - she was awful."

As that recap proved, give the readers what they want, and they will click and click and click! Another popular complaint with this season was the judges. Whether it be the mean comments or inflated scores, fans of the show weren't pleased. So when Ree Hines offered up a piece on whether it was time to give the panel the ballroom boot, it became our second most popular post of the week. Not only that, readers had plenty to say about the subject on our Facebook page:

"It is very irritating to watch Carrie Anne and her over the top comments about some of the contestants expecailly the ones she finds physically attractive," wrote Dianne Holmes.

"They make a mockery of judging a ballroom competition," Homba Hojabo wrote. "People that have no clue how to dance get 7's instead of the 2's and 3's they deserve. No wonder we have shocking vote off's when they score the bottom contestants so high."

The third spot was also won by a reality show, but alas, not "Dancing." It seems weight loss and heartbreak make for a good headline, because our recap about heartbroken Ramon on "The Biggest Loser" rounded out the top three.

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