Reader: Soldiers, not Houston, deserve honors

Feb. 17, 2012 at 10:21 AM ET

Whitney Houston in 2009.

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1. On "Will Bobby Brown skip Whitney Houston's funeral?"

Danielle Slaven Conley: "Who cares, we have soldiers over in Afghanistan and other places fighting for our freedom and rights that die everyday. Do we see the soldiers get this special treatment? No! They deserve flags being half-staff and the publicity these addict celebrities get! Get over it already it makes me sick that the media makes a big deal about when a celebrity has passed and now the state of New Jersey will be flying the flag at half-staff for this addict ... Our real heroes are our soldiers that sacrifice so much to fight in war for us."

2. On "Willie Nelson sings Coldplay better than Coldplay"

Ed McTiernan:"Used to like Coldplay. Guess 1,000 takes can make anybody sound good. At the Grammys, CP's lead singer couldn't find the key with a seeing-eye dog. Go Willie! You rock."

3. On "Worst pickup line ever? Chris Brown beat you to it"

Brittney Cristine Guzman:"'Does God know you left?' -- told to me and my cousin last weekend."

4. On "Shakira attacked while getting closer look at sea lions"

Andrew McBride: "Didn't know she still existed since she hasn't had a hit in years, and saying your own name over and over in your own song is not a hit!"

5. On "Women shown texting during Glen Campbell's performance"

Joanne Freshwaters: "It's rude but unfortunately we, as society, create all of that -- apparently singers, actors and sports players have become more important. People need to get back to what is genuinely important in life."