Reader: Leave Thomas Kinkade's problems out of mourning period

April 13, 2012 at 9:10 AM ET

Gene Blythe / AP file /
Thomas Kinkade in 2006.

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On "Autopsy scheduled for painter Thomas Kinkade"

Jannet Francis: "He was just a man and someone I worked for and admired. As one of his personally trained Master Highlighters I can say Tom was a good man and an accomplished artist whose motivation and inspiration for his work came from an authentic faith and desire to share his gifts and make a difference in this world. There will be plenty of time to deal with the backlash of controversy surrounding his company's business practices, but now is the time to pray for those who are grieving. Whatever your opinions are please honor his passing as you would any beloved brother. I am thankful to have known and worked with him."

On "Melissa Etheridge's ex: I can't live on $32K a month"

Rachel Winscott: "Why do people who marry rich always complain when they get divorced that they are not getting enough to 'live in the manner they have become accustomed'? Stop being such a whiney baby, get a damn job, and realize millions or billions of people would kill to get a tiny percent of what you get!!! Become a member of the human race! Not a selfish piece of crap!"

On "Ashley Judd strikes back at 'gloating' critics"

Stacy Dolci: "I think she's talking not just about herself but us as a society and I think she's right. We have become this trash nation, and I think it's sad..."

On "Kevin Costner: I tried to help Whitney Houston through letters"

Michael VanAuker: "Kevin Costner is the potential savior to every dead diva on the planet. Please, all you divas out there! Let Kevin Costner take care of you before you die! SERIOUSLY!"

On "Alicia Silverstone glad she posted pre-chewed food video"

Tina Powers: "Get her a Slap Chop."

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