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Reader: Justin Bieber doesn't need a $100,000 car

March 2, 2012 at 3:06 PM ET

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On "Justin Bieber gets $100,000 car for 18th birthday"

Jennifer M. Rogers: "This kind of stuff pisses me off more than anything! He can totally afford to buy it himself. Why wasn't the $100,000 donated on his behalf to scholarships for financially burdened kids or donated to a homeless or women's shelter or to the Big Brother/Big Sister organizations or injured soldiers?"

On "George Clooney: I don't care if people think I'm gay"

Elaine Baril:"Way to go Mr. Clooney! Never in my life have I heard an actor handle gossip with such class. And you are so right too! Even if you debate it and deny it, there will be those that will continue to say 'you are gay' even after your death. So go on and keep doing what you do. The manner in which you handled it should be an example to many others in show business."

On "Khloe Kardashian knew Kim's marriage was doomed"

Nicole Saba: "I personally don't care that the marriage didn't last, we all knew it wouldn't, but what was disgusting is that the K family made roughly $65M in 2010, and they had the tenacity to register for wedding gifts. Give back. You can buy your own bath towels."

On "Movie clips, Harry Morgan left out of Oscar 'In Memoriam'"

Meredith Ponedel:"I thought it was awful. It's gotten so that any Tom, Dick or Harry gets a nod during the memoriam even when they don't deserve it. It used to be only for those who were major stars -- not those behind the scenes unless they were big names and certainly not for executives, engineers, etc. What was there was not enough. Leave out the extraneous and include more of those whose names rightfully belong there."

On "Taylor Swift invites boy with leukemia to ACM Awards"

Ashley Gatewood Taylor: "I think it is absolutely no surprise that she did this. She is a class act! Way to go, Taylor Swift! Hope Kevin has the time of his life. Taylor made my daughter's life back in November, so I have no doubt that he will."