Reader: Chewing baby's food for him is better than taking him to McDonald's

March 30, 2012 at 10:09 AM ET

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Alicia Silverstone and son Bear Blu in 2011.

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On: Alicia Silverstone chews son's food for him

Sandra Wagner: "Good lord people, leave her alone! What in the world do you think the earliest humans did before blenders and baby food came along? And 'boiling and mashing'wasn't ALWAYS a possibility. STILL ISN'T in some cultures and parts of the earth. It only is weird because we are not used to it. It just disgusts me that Alicia is all over the news for this, but horrible mothers who feed their babies candy, soda, and evil processed food are considered "normal". What the hell??? At least she feeds her child super healthy food. If more mothers were like her, there would be a hell of a lot less childhood diseases and childhood obesity in this country. I say, give praise to Alicia, and SHAME on the mother who takes her child to McDonald's."

On Charlie Sheen apologizes for wacky, 'cringeable' behavior

Don Young: "Still a train wreck, albeit in slo-mo. But now it is so easy to look away. Reality check seems to have gone right over his head, which is an amazing feat considering how high he still appears to be. I for one, will not be tuning into his upcoming sitcom on FX!"

On Madonna's daughter caught smoking cigarette

Melissa Salas DeVinney: "Oh dear God, no! Not Madonna's daughter! What is this world coming to? Seriously, people ... what did you expect? That's like catching Kurt Cobain's kid snorting coke. It's bound to happen. For one, they're teenagers. Two: They're celebrity teens."

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Angie Vee: "I am Angie's lack of surprise."