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'Project Runway' goes to the dogs

Aug. 5, 2011 at 12:28 PM ET

So, it's week two for our designers and, with no choice but to stare at Rafael's empty bed while making snide comments about him (oh wait, that's just Kimberly), they muse on their futures. Josh C. is feeling nervous. He should be. Those shorts were terrible last week, truly terrible 

Finally, it's time to leave Atlas to see Heidi. As she only gives the designers hints as to what they'll be doing and no actual information, I think this is just an excuse for Heidi to show off what she's wearing this week. Heidi uses the word "leash." Josh M. thinks S&M. Oh, Josh M., that's much too easy. And you're much too excited about it anyway. Josh M. likes costumey things. Never would have guessed. I think there will come a point in the competition when the judges question his taste. 

Tim invites the designers to Petland Discounts. It's going to be a wacky pet store challenge! The designers all act surprised, as if they've never watched the show before. And this is worse than a party store how? Anyway, the designers seem to think they're going to have to skin live mice or something. Tim Gunn issues a warning -- DON'T USE A LOT OF FABRIC! This will come back to haunt someone. It always does. 

Hmm, Tim may need to be explicit that there will be no killing and skinning of animals. Just a thought. Some of these designers want to win BAD. Oh, wait, someone actually asks if live animals were off, and Tim Gunn said, very very quickly, they were. Thank you, Tim. 

Cecilia is going to think outside the litter box. I fear her, but she is funny. Just as long as she leaves her spear at home.

Right after Tim warns everyone not to use too much traditional fabric, Bert starts yanking out the dog beds. He has immunity, so he doesn't care. He really should care a bit, but oh well.

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