Private funeral for Davy Jones held in Florida

March 8, 2012 at 7:39 AM ET

Best known as a member of The Monkees, the singer was also seen everywhere from "The Brady Bunch" to Broadway to "SpongeBob SquarePants."

The time has come to say goodbye.

According to Reuters, Davy Jones' immediate family, including his wife and daughters, attended a small, private funeral for the Monkees singer Wednesday near his hometown in Florida.

"Some of you may or may not know that on Wednesday last week I lost my Father," Jones' daughter Annabel wrote on her Facebooktonight. "My family and I have been overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone who has reached out to tell us that we're not alone."

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"Thank you for helping to make me feel less lost and bottomless, knowing you are all dotted around the Earth makes life less frightening and like if we all reached out we could hold hands and make a chain all the way around the planet.

"Dad and I connected mostly over music, songwriting and performance, that's where we understood each other. The hours I spent sitting amongst you all watching him perform are honestly some of my most precious and treasured moments. Everything was so simple while he was up there, I felt proud and close and I understood him there, as I know you all did."

Annabel also mentioned an event taking place this Saturday called Occupy Beavertown, Pa., which invites friends and fans to a memorial for her father at "the Church that he built for ALL of us."

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Public memorials in honor of the pop singer are also set to take place next week in New York and the U.K.

Jones' body was to be cremated and his ashes returned to his birthplace in Manchester, England.

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