Pregnant Pink gets into fight at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Nov. 29, 2010 at 10:04 AM ET

Scott Heppell / AP /

If you happen to run into Pink at a Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot, you might want to give the pregnant singer some space, as being with child has given her "the rage."

Pink tells Access Hollywood, "I got into a fight at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I have the rage!" She went on to describe the spat, saying that a man "wanted a parking spot and he honked at me and he was literally an inch from my ear drum ... I [went over to his car] and he acted like he couldn't see me, and then he acted like he couldn't speak any English. I was going to kill him!"

Pink did not, in fact, kill or harm anyone. She said that occasional rage aside, her pregnancy is going well.