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Pop Tarts, The Beatles and the 8-track celebrate 50 with Hoda

Isn’t it convenient that TODAY’s Hoda Kotb turns 50 the very same year so many pop culture elements celebrate that milestone as well?

Hoda reaches the half-century mark on Saturday. To commemorate the year she was born, 1964, TODAY took a look back at just a few of the numerous breakthroughs from that year:

In music, The Beatles invaded the United States with a live appearance on the "The Ed Sullivan Show," changing music history forever.

The Beatles performed live for the first time in America in 1964.

Roy Orbison released “Oh, Pretty Woman," The Jackson 5 performed together for the first time and The Rolling Stones released their eponymous debut album.


Two Broadway classics, "Funny Girl" and "Fiddler on the Roof," premiered on the Great White Way while moviegoers were introduced to "Mary Poppins," "My Fair Lady," and "Goldfinger" in theaters across the country.

A scene from the movie "My Fair Lady."

Television also experienced a huge year in 1964, when the public was allowed inside the macabre households of "The Addams Family" and "The Munsters." Everyone's favorite witch, Samantha, debuted on "Bewitched" that year, and the nation took the longest boat-ride ever on "Gilligan's Island."

Other things that occurred in 1964:

The first Ford mustang rolled off the assembly line.

World, meet the Ford Mustang!

Everyone’s favorite instant breakfast became a grocery store staple: Pop Tarts!

50 years later, the debate rages on: Toasted or straight out of the box?

We learned about the eight-track player.

Long before MP3 players, there was the 8-track tape.

Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize. Congress also passed the Civil Rights Act, setting up passage the following year of the Voting Rights Act.

Martin Luther King with his Nobel Peace Prize.

Happy birthday, Hoda and everyone — and everything — turning 50. The numbers looks great on you! 

Hoda turns 50 this week!