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Pizza! Cake! Pasta! 'Losers' face their biggest temptations

Chocolate cakes stacked to the ceiling, plate after plate of mac and cheese and enough pizza to feed an army — that’s what the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” ranch faced Tuesday night in the first temptation challenge of the season.

In addition to the aforementioned items of excess, baker’s racks filled with cheesecake, ribs, fried chicken, Chinese food and gooey monkey bread surrounded the now weight-loss-wise players as they competed for the power to send another couple away to train with the off-ranch crowd for a full week.

The particular foods selected represented each player’s favorite treat prior to arriving on the ranch. The team to consume the most calories during the challenge would win. The only element of uncertainty was which teams would cave and by how much.

The answer seemed to be no one, as couple after couple shrugged off the temptation and chose to stick to their healthy lifestyle rather than gain a calorie-laden advantage. That is until the blue team entered the room.

Jesse, like everyone before him, insisted there was no need to eat a treat when doing so went against his reason for being there. Arthur remained genuinely tempted and unconvinced. As the pair prepared to exit the room, Arthur grabbed a drumstick and ate it before his father had a chance to comment.

That single temptation meant the team (or Arthur) earned (or ate) the right to send the green team — otherwise known as everyone’s biggest competition — packing. The implication of that decision won’t be fully realized until the greens return for the weigh-in next week.

All of which means this was yet another non-elimination episode. Not that non-elimination means drama-free. In fact, on the heels of last week’s wonky weigh-in — the one that saw Dan and Don gain 9 pounds each — the game’s remaining twin had some explaining to do. After trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper cornered him about his obvious efforts to pack on the pounds and send his brother home, Jillian dared Don to actually get angry and express himself.

Note to Jillian: Be careful what you ask for.

“Get the bleeps ready,” the normally mild-mannered Don warned an off-screen crewmember. “I am so f---ing tired of everybody calling me a god---- liar to the entire f---ing world. And yeah, I’m pissed. I don’t give a s--- if you believe me, (Jillian). I don’t give a s--- if you believe me, (Bob). The only thing I care about is my reputation. I did not do anything wrong.”

OooooK then.

Ree Hines still isn’t buying Don’s story, but she sure appreciates his sudden burst of passion. Follow on Twitter and tell her your take on the show.