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A ‘Pirates’ surprise for Johnny Depp

The last time Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos sat down with Johnny Depp, she caught him a bit off guard with that trademark laugh of hers.

And now that the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" is set to hit theaters, it was time for Maria to surprise Johnny one more time.

In the true spirit of "Pirates," Maria showed up to the interview wearing a shiny gold tooth.

"Nice!" Johnny said. "Well done. It looks very good on you."

"You like it?" Maria asked. "I felt like going a little piratey today."

The first "Pirates" raked in $653 million worldwide and with expectations high for producer Jerry Bruckheimer's second and third installments (which were shot simultaneously), Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow could be around for a long time to come.

"Now did your kids to see this yet or will they see it?" Maria asked Johnny.

"They haven't seen it yet because I haven't seen it yet," Johnny revealed. "As a parent I think the responsible thing to do is check it out, for the little ones, just to make sure there's nothing that'll spook them."

"When will you see it?" Maria followed up.

"I will fight tooth and nail until the very last minute, until they push me in front of the screen and then I'll see it," Johnny grinned.

So why the hesitation?

"It's just always weird for me to watch myself. I've never been comfortable with it. I have the experience, that's enough for me," he admitted.

Well then, Johnny might want to check out the competition.

"Superman Returns" opens on Wednesday, nine days before "Pirates." Johnny's co-star Orlando Bloom has see it since his girlfriend Kate Bosworth is Lois Lane.

"How do you think she did as Lois Lane?" Maria asked Orlando during a recent interview.

"Fantastic," he said.

"Do you guys think you have stiff competition with ‘Superman?'" Maria asked.

"I hope that it really rocks the house, because I think it's important, " Orlando explained. "Any of those big summer blockbuster movies, if they don't see something and it's really great, if they're let down in any way then they kind of lose faith in the movies and then, you know, that just affects the business."

Catch Johnny and Orlando in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" in theaters July 7.