'Pig!' 'Communist!' Penn and former co-star exchange airport insults

Dec. 20, 2011 at 11:05 AM ET

Evan Agostini / AP file /
Sean Penn was in no mood to talk politics with his former "Colors" co-star Maria Conchita Alonso.

Don't get between Sean Penn and his politics. The actor got into an intense verbal altercation at Los Angeles International airport Sunday with actress (and former co-star) Maria Conchita Alonso after she confronted him about his support for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.  

In a radio interview with WMAL in Washington, recounted by Gossip Cop, Alonso, who last year condemned Penn and his support for Chavez in an open letter, said when she approached the actor in the airport, he told her, "I don’t wanna talk to you. You speak badly about me."

The actress responded, "I just say the truth ... That you are a friend of Chavez and that he’s a good man. And that’s a lie ... How can you do that?"

Alonso said she then accused Penn of supporting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which he denied before calling her, "a pig," to which she retorted, "And you are a Communist, Sean Penn."

The actress, who played Penn's lover in the 1988 film "Colors," admitted to calling Penn a "Communist a--hole" in front of a large crowd at LAX. Alonso says she regrets the a--hole part, but not calling him a Communist.

Listen to Alonso on WMAL: