'Parks and Recreation's' Nick Offerman offers mustache-growing tips

Oct. 25, 2012 at 10:03 AM ET

There are many wonderful things on offer when it comes to Nick Offerman, who plays "Parks and Recreation's" intriguing Ron Swanson. But perhaps the first thing most people notice is his mustache, a proud, bushy thing that will likely win a supporting actor Emmy someday.

Well, Offerman decided it was time to let the male masses in on how they, too, can have lush facial hair like himself -- after all, it is nearly Movember. (Sorry, ladies.) So he created a video short discussing how he got his own lovely locks, and what can be done to ensure other men have the same experience.

"Developing my mustache required years of training," he explained in the video, noting that he took his developing lip coif to Scotland (for taming) to Tibet (for combing) and washed it frequently in cologne and whale oil before drying it "over a campfire of peat and turf." Advice for others includes:

  • smelling wood
  • moving out of your parents home
  • sweating
  • eating raw onion (which Offerman then did, skin and all). 

"Get ready for the single manliest journey of your life," he said, breaking a razor between two fingers. 

Hair on, gentlemen. And check out the full video below!

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