Pamela Anderson borrows Jessica Lange's look

April 17, 2013 at 7:44 PM ET

Pamela Anderson has proven that she hasn’t lost her ability to surprise. The buxom former “Baywatch” star, who has spent the last two decades showing off her ample curves and fashion sense (who could forget the string bikini and captain’s hat she wore when celebrating her wedding to Kid Rock in 2006?) once again caused jaws to drop when she appeared recently at the International Beauty Show in New York.

Getty Images / FX /
Pamela Anderson at the International Beauty Show in New York on April 15, and Jessica Lange on "American Horror Story."

From her uncharacteristically demure black frock, to her messy bun, Anderson, 45, looked more “Golden Girl” than glamour girl. In fact, Anderson’s new appearance brings to mind Jessica Lange, 63, in "American Horror Story." Similar hair, similar makeup, similar neckline. (Though Lange's "AHS" costume has a slightly lower neckline!)

The former “Baywatch” star’s face also appears to have undergone a transformation. Gone are the large false eyelashes she’s been batting since her “Baywatch” days. Her signature sex-kitten eyeliner and boldly lined lips are also noticeably absent, making her almost unrecognizable.

Anderson, who has appeared numerous times on Playboy’s cover, told BuzzFeed that she likes her new toned-down, modest look.

“You grow up and you change your look,” she said. “I feel different from how I did in my Playboy days. Now, I think I'm in charge of toning down my look or not. I feel like as I'm getting older, this is my version of toned down. I like it.”