Ousted 'Biggest Loser' contestants drop total of 230 pounds

The scales tipped against Matt Hooper and Hap Holmstead on the last episode of the "Biggest Loser," as both men were ousted from competition in the season's first double elimination. But their current results prove the guys really are winners after all. 

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'Biggest Loser' castoff is still losing for wedding

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When Hooper first arrived on the ranch, he weighed in at 356 pounds and wanted to make a change before taking a trip down the aisle with his fiancée. Now? He's dropped 120 pounds.

"For me it was about … being the king of the day, being fit for my future wife," he explained on TODAY Tuesday morning. "Now I get to do that; now I get to live that."

His biggest problem now is figuring out his size before the big day.

"I've been to Men's Warehouse three times to get fitted, just so I can keep seeing the numbers," Hooper laughed.

While Holmstead, who started the competition at 403 pounds, didn't have a big event to shed the weight for, the father of three was just as eager to turn his life around.

"I've lost 110 pounds," he revealed. "It's definitely hard. I mean, I have to do it. I'm kind of in a place right now where I'm forced to work out, so the journey has begun on the 'Biggest Loser.' I just don't want it to end after the 'Biggest Loser.'"

And still there's a chance the "Biggest Loser" journey isn't even over for one of them. Hooper, Holmstead and all of the other ousted contestants from the season so far will face off for a chance to earn a spot back in the game on the next episode of the show.

Who'll get that second chance? Find out when "The Biggest Loser" airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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