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Dear Kim Kardashian: Embrace the elastic waistband and stop worrying about the haters!

March 27, 2013 at 2:03 PM ET

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Should Embrace Comfy Maternity Styles
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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Should Embrace Comfy Maternity Styles

Dear Kim Kardashian,

We know that pregnancy has not been easy so far. First there was the morning sickness, then the miscarriage scare. Now you're facing an onslaught of criticism about your changing body and your maternity fashion choices. It's enough to make any mom-to-be crazy. But guess what? There is no shame in choosing comfort over couture when you are having a baby!

This is going to be trickier for you than it is for most people. After all, your image is largely responsible for your success. Women covet your flawless hair and make-up, your expensive wardrobe, your amazing figure. (And let's not even get started on the men.) But you don't need to try to prove to us that celebrity pregnancies are glamorous and effortless. We know they're not. We bet your feet hurt, you're permanently nauseous, and your body is bulging out in all the wrong places.

Unfortunately, the media hasn't helped. The obsessive coverage of your pregnant body has been downright cruel at times: the killer whale meme, the photos taken at unflattering angles, the bogus reports about exactly how many pounds you've gained. You may be bringing the attention on yourself by constantly Instagramming yourself—why not have a record of these exciting nine months?!—but you don't deserve the bile. No woman does.

Even so, it might help if you tone it down a little. Your Spandex dresses, see-through tops and sky-high heels are trademark Kim Kardashian, obviously. But in your second trimester, it's a wardrobe that also looks terribly uncomfortable. It looks exhausting.

That's why you need to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and pretty—or even just comfortable! There is no way people will stop considering you beautiful—and yes, even sexy—just because you have a baby on board. The worst that could happen is photographers won't be quite as interested in getting your picture. But that's okay! Once you have the baby, you get a new wardrobe and new trainer, and you make a triumphant comeback as a new mommy. Done and done. 

It's time to let go of the pressure to look perfect, at least temporarily, regardless of what anyone (including Kanye West and Kris Jenner) thinks. You get lots of chances to parade in front of paparazzi, but this pregnancy only happens once. Please try to enjoy it. And for goodness sake, buy some pants with elastic waistbands. You won't regret it.

Love, iVillage

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