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Oprah offers Bono a TV show on her new network

Could U2’s Bono end up with a show someday on Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network, OWN, which launches on Jan. 1?

It’s certainly a possibility, according to Lady O herself! According to a new feature in The New York Times, Oprah said she recently approached the rock star with the idea.

“I look at everything now through the prism of, ‘This could make a very good TV show!’ ” Winfrey said to the paper. At a recent dinner, she says, that’s what she kept thinking as she chatted up Bono of U2.

“Would you like a TV show?” she asked him.

It appears much too early to speculate over what a Bono TV show would look or feel like, but the musician is well known for his humanitarian efforts; seemingly, a strong match for the themes of Oprah’s new endeavor.

The extensive feature on OWN, which ran last Saturday in The New York Times, also discussed many other details about the network’s launch, including its somewhat rocky trajectory over the past two years and Oprah’s very involved personal journey with the project.

Other experts who will be featured prominently on the new network when it takes over Discovery Health’s space on most cable line-ups, include Oprah BFF Gayle King, designer Peter Walsh, sex expert Dr. Laura Berman and disgraced British royal Sarah Ferguson. In September, Rosie O’Donnell will return to TV with a new style of talk show from the popular host.