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One 'Survivor' lies and schemes to advance

Dec. 8, 2010 at 9:57 PM ET

Monty Brinton / CBS /
Sash is getting shiftier and shiftier in his attempt to win "Survivor: Nicaragua."

In a game where one has to outwit, outplay and outlast, one "Survivor" contestant is definitely doing all three at this point.

Going into Day 29, Sash knew he was in trouble now that his alliance of Purple Kelly and NaOnka was sitting on the jury. Sash admitted that having an immunity idol put a big target on his back, so he told the guys that at the next Tribal Council, he was going to play it. "I hope it shows I'm a free agent," he said, thinking the move would help others trust him. (Hmm ... copying from Marty's playbook?)

After Chase won the reward challenge and took his alliance of Jane and Holly with him to a relaxing overnight stay at a private resort, Sash went straight to the other alliance for a bit of revenge. "Chase actually said to me, next reward, he'd take me if he won it. To take that risky move (to include Jane) when he already has Jane's vote locked up is incredibly stupid."

Back at camp, Sash told Fabio, Benry and Dan that he was the swing vote they'd need to take down the other alliance. They agreed it was for the best to include him. "He was all, 'I'm with you guys!' " Dan said. "But people don't trust Sash. They'd be crazy after what he did to Brenda, what he did to Marty."

So true! But it seemed that Dan was the only guy in his group who understood that. Fabio thought Sash was closer to him than anyone else, and Benry seemed to think he had worked himself into an alliance with Chase, Holly and Jane, which also seemed to include Sash. The dominant group's target? Fabio.

But Tribal Council revealed some surprises. Remember how Sash had promised to give up the hidden immunity idol to start fresh without a target on his back? Yeah, he lied. Granted, the fact that he won individual immunity may have had something to do with his change of plans, but a lie's a lie. (Add that to how he betrayed Brenda, and he may have a tough time gaining any trust from this point on.)

Also, blindside! Turns out Fabio wasn't the target of Chase's alliance after all. It was Benry, who was incredibly surprised to get the axe. The vote also revealed that Sash had indeed joined forces with Chase, Holly and Jane, with the dog trainer now apparently his "second mom." "Can't backstab my mom, can't backstab my second mom," Sash said.

Riiiiight. This after he said that the only person who can't be beaten if they go to the end is Jane. He'll probably crush his new mama's heart by the end of the next show.

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