One Direction fan frenzy begins on the TODAY plaza (yes, already)

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One Direction fans and sisters Melissa and Alison Ayala wait on line one week in advance for the One Direction concert on the TODAY plaza.

Next week is Fan Appreciation Week on TODAY, but another set of fans will be calling the plaza home during that time as well — the One Direction faithful. 

The group's fans, also referred to as "Directioners," have already begun lining up for the Aug. 23 show. That's right — they've come prepared to spend seven nights sleeping on the streets of New York City. 

"We've already found the closest 24-hour bathrooms. They're at the McDonald's around the corner," said Melissa Ayala, 15, who is in line with her 16-year-old sister Alison.

The Ayalas said they were in attendance at One Direction's TODAY performance in Nov. 2012, and while they were just a few rows from the stage, they said that wasn't good enough.

"We were practically in the front ... but that was still too far to us!" Alison Ayala explained to "We have to be closer."

Behind the Ayalas in line were Theresa Rauch and daughter Marissa, who said their passion for following One Direction is relatively new.

"We got into 'stalking' this summer. We came into the city and we did bad things," joked Theresa Rauch.

Theresa Rauch said she's taken the next week off from work in order to be with her daughter. Though she understands the possible repercussions, she said it's still worth it.

"I may not have a job when I come back," Theresa Rauch said matter-of-factly. "It's not funny, but my children have always come first, and (Marissa) is my baby. Then you throw One Direction in the mix ... so, yeah."

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