OMG! LOL! VH1 looks back all of four years with 'I Love the 2000s'

Cast your mind back to those long-ago days of Shake Weights and Slap Chop, "Jersey Shore" and Juicy sweatpants. Even though the 2000s ended just four years ago, it's time to get wistful again with VH1's newest insta-nostalgia offering, "I Love the 2000s."

The new 10-part series will follow the format of "I Love the 80s" and other shows like it, with comedians and famous faces joining in to mock and memorialize the flotsam and jetsam that washed up during a decade of diversions. 

Still have a container of those dissolves-on-your-tongue Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips? Remember when we were all disturbingly introduced to Paris Hilton, her sex tape, and her purse dogs? Did you meet your mate at speed-dating? Can you hear me now? Those topics and more will fill the 10-part series.

Getting personal for a second: As the co-author of two nostalgic encyclopedias, "Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?" and "The Totally Sweet 90s," I can hardly blame VH1 for its eagerness to get started remembering the events we have yet to forget.

'Whatever Happened to Pudding Pops?'

Gael Cooper 1970's Items
Scott Eklund

A book co-written by a producer looks at the lost toys, tastes and trends of the 1970s and 1980s. Where are you, Quisp cereal, Malibu Barbie, and Dynamite Magazine?

And according to the BBC, nostalgia can be good for you, as people prone to nostalgic feelings are said to be less lonely and less likely to dwell on their own possible death. Why worry about your own demise when you can mourn that of Pepsi Blue (2002-2004) instead?

'The Totally Sweet '90s'

A new book co-written by a producer looks at the lost toys, tastes and trends of the 1990s, from clear cola to Caboodles and slap bracelets to Surge soda.

"I Love the 2000s" premieres June 17 at 9 pm on VH1.

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