Mullets, mustaches and more: Worst 'Dancing With the Stars' costumes

Few ballroom outfits will top the atrocities that were Marie Osmond's doll outfit or Bristol Palin's gorilla suit, but nevertheless, it seems the costume department at "Dancing With the Stars" tries each season.

We get that it's a tough gig -- the designers and seamstresses have to whip out multiple outfits a week, practically at the pace of "Project Runway's" challenges. They can't all look awesome! But can't they look a little bit better?

Here's a look at some of the more questionable costumes from the season. (Note: Kudos to whoever is dressing co-host Brooke Burke this season! She's never looked better!)

Worst costumes of 'DWTS' season 16

Adam Taylor

'70s mustaches! Mullets! Ruffled hot-pink shirts! We offer a peek at some of the season's most questionable looks.

Which outfit do you think was the worst?


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