MTV parody video blames viewers for channel's lack of music videos

Nov. 14, 2012 at 11:29 AM ET

A parody video that accurately nails what many viewers believe about MTV and the reasons it doesn't play music videos has gone viral.
In the video, comedy team Brian and Maria play an MTV programming boss and a wide-eyed viewer. When Maria's character naively asks why the channel no longer plays videos, Brian, playing fake channel executive "Michael Destiny," lets loose.

Playing a viewer named Natalie, Maria tells him that "some of my favorite memories are of hanging out with my friends, eating pizza, reading magazines and watching music videos on your channel" and that she's noticed the channel now only airs reality shows with "really horrible, vapid people."

In a profanity-laced (but bleeped) response, "Destiny" asks "Are you (expletive) kidding me?" and goes on to mock "Natalie's" "precious sleepover moments." He then says he'll break down the channel's opinion for everyone born before 1995, "otherwise known as not our (expletive) demo anymore."

Music videos, he goes on to say, were only worth making "if they had actual promotional power behind them." He then blames "YOUR generation, not the one before you, not the one after you" for stealing music digitally, making videos worthless.

"Puff Daddy used to be able to drive a speedboat through an explosion," he notes. "Now you're lucky if you can make it through some dire (expletive) video without a character checking their hot new iPhone for three seconds at a concert. Surprise, that gaudy blatant product shot is the only reason that video got funding in the first place."

He says that if MTV played music videos today, it'd be forced to play artists like Katy Perry, Owl City and Justin Bieber. "We might as well change our name to iTunes Music Store TV," he says.

"Admit it, you're getting older, and you're afraid," he adds, going on to menacingly taunt viewers with signs of aging. "Why doesn't MTV play music videos anymore? ... That complaint? Is literally old enough to drive a car by now."

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