Miss Piggy will go 'Dancing With the Stars' if ...

March 14, 2012 at 4:14 PM ET

It's no secret that the glamorous Miss Piggy loves the spotlight. Not only did she star in a new Muppets film, she and her beloved Kermit the Frog presented at the Academy Awards last month, and she also guest judged a recent episode of "Project Runway: All Stars."

During her appearance on "Anderson," set to air Thursday, the pretty pink one revealed to host Anderson Cooper that she wouldn't mind showing off her fancy hoofwork on "Dancing With the Stars." And she's not talking about a single performance -- as she and her Muppet pals did last season -- but as an actual contestant.

But there's one problem: Like many of the ballroom bash's fans, Miss Piggy doesn't think the celeb cast is quite A-list enough, especially if she's going to join in on the fun. Not only that, the pros aren't quite famous enough for her either. If the producers of "Dancing" want her, they'll have to make a rather big change.

"Only if the stars could dance with the other stars," Miss Piggy told Anderson. "Like if George Clooney was on. Yeah, we'd be partners." (Miss Piggy, have you seen pro Maks Chmerkovskiy? We think his good looks will be very much to your liking!)

Alas, the actor will not be joining the ballroom bash anytime soon. Nevertheless, Miss Piggy told her host that she does have a favorite she's watching this season. "Gladys Knight. I love her," she said. "I just adore her Pips."

Miss Piggy's interview airs Thursday on "Anderson." Check for local air times.

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