'Million Ways' star Seth MacFarlane: 'I'm like the poor man's Paul Rudd'

Seth MacFarlane's new movie, "A Million Ways to Die in the West" is a showcase of his many talents: He wrote the script, he directed and produced it, and he's the lead actor. But one challenge: Securing his dream cast, he joked to Kathie Lee and Hoda. 

"We did not get Steve Buscemi for Neil's [Patrick Harris] part," he mock-moaned. "So we had to settle for Neil. ... I went out to Paul Rudd (to play MacFarlane's role), and he said 'no.' I'm like the poor man's Paul Rudd."

All a joke, of course: MacFarlane appears alongside Charlize Theron and Harris and appears to be having a great, goofy time. But whatever you may have heard, underneath it all "Million Ways" is actually a real romantic comedy.

"They promoted the raunch factor, which is there," he said. "It is, believe it or not — you go to see the movie from start to finish — it is a romantic comedy of sorts. As shocking as that may sound."

"A Million Ways to Die in the West" is in theaters on May 30.


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