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Michaels lashes out at Etheridge on blog

Tammy Lynn Michaels has taken to her blog to address her breakup with Melissa Etheridge — and ask her ex to stop saying the split was mutual.

“Things can be a long time coming to one and smash the hell out of another,” she wrote on Thursday.

While she did not use Etheridge's name in the blog post, which was written in poetry stanzas, the subject was clear.

“I’d rather hear 10,000 fans screaming my name in worship than hear my wife harp on meabout my family intimacy issues too, you know?” she wrote. “You evolved, you needed to be happy- but really… you withdrew your hands from family and intimacy to pluck those [guitar] strings more.”

Michaels didn’t stop there, adding that her ex’s latest disc was their breakup album.

“I heard ‘Fearless [Love]’ and I got sick,” she wrote. “‘That’s your break up song with me,’ I said to you. You got so angry with me, remember? And stomped off.”

The revelations were apparently instigated by an interview given by Etheridge, in which the star said she wouldn’t censor Michaels' blogging.

“Thank you for telling an interviewer that you WON’T censor me on my blog,” Michaels wrote. “I did not go anywhere, honey. And you and I both know it. Please stop telling the press it was mutual.”

Etheridge said on “Oprah” in April that the separation had been “as mutual as those things can be.”

The emotional blog concluded with the actress admitting she still had feelings for Etheridge.

“I still love that damn woman so much, I’m still trying to stop,” she concluded. “I had a dream last where honey and I were fighting and going to get a divorce, and I woke up sobbing…. then I realized. Oh. It’s true.”

The pair announced their split in April. The former couple wed with a commitment ceremony in 2003, welcoming twins Johnnie Rose and Miller in 2006.

Etheridge has two children, Bailey, 13, and Beckett, 11, from a previous relationship.