Meat Loaf's Orange Crush: Angie Harmon (mostly because of her husband)

Meat Loaf would do anything for love, even if it means going through actress Angie Harmon to get to his real crush: her husband, Jason Sehorn. 

The singer admitted to having a crush on Harmon since her days on "Law and Order," but confessed his crush wasn't as straightforward as it seems. 

"The main reason is because she's married to Jason Sehorn, ex-defensive back for the New York Giants," Meat Loaf said. 

So it seems Meat Loaf's true crush may simply be on football. Typical man.

The catch (get it?) — Harmon was flattered, and said she, in fact, may even have a little crush on the rock opera icon herself. 

Even celebrities have crushes and this Valentine’s season, the Orange Room is digging to find out who they are in our Orange Crush series. 

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