Matthew McConaughey's long road to serious star ... in 2 minutes

In the 1993 cult classic "Dazed and Confused," Wooderson knew what it was that he liked about high school girls. Twenty-one years later, we still know what we like about Matthew McConaughey. 

As we head into Oscar weekend, with the 44-year-old "Dallas Buyers Club" star well positioned to take home his first Academy Award, it's worth knowing where we've been.

The "McConaissance" has seen him go from breakout indie darling and one-time rom-commer into a serious, bankable star. And at the same time this season that he's been collecting awards for his role as Ron Woodroof, he's been wowing audiences as Rustin Cohle on the gripping new HBO series "True Detective."

Come Sunday at the Oscars, things may continue to be "all right, all right, all right" for McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey

Image: BESTPIX - 'Dallas Buyers Club' - Rome Photocall
Ernesto Ruscio

The easygoing actor, once known for playing bongo drums while naked, has come a long way from "Dazed and Confused." He's earned raves for roles in "The Wolf of Wall Street" and "Dallas Buyers Club."


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