Marty and Jane go to war on 'Survivor'

Nov. 10, 2010 at 9:52 PM ET

Monty Brinton / CBS /
Marty had a plan from the get-go to get rid of his No. 1 enemy, Jane.

After Marty aimed the target straight at Jane during last week's Tribal Council, the fight was on. The scrappy dog trainer was confident in her abilities, though. "He can't beat me physically, much less mentally," she told viewers. "I think he's grasping at straws because he knows his days are numbered."

True that. Marty admitted he knew he had a big target on his back, but that didn't stop him from trying to take over the strategizing for Libertad. His grand plan? "Tell everyone to vote NaOnka out, and then you vote Jane out instead," he revealed. "You can flush (NaOnka's) idol out."

Hmm ... punish the food thief and get rid of your No. 1 enemy? Very reasonable. But whether he could pull it off was the question. See, Sash and Brenda like to believe that they're the ones with all the power, and they said so about 100 times Wednesday night, lest we forget.

But Brenda conceded that Marty has a point: "What Marty says is true: Jane is a threat. I agreed to (his plan)."

Uh oh! It didn't help Jane's cause when she couldn't outlast her nemesis in the immunity challenge, which was a memory game. (OK, so she can't beat him mentally. Or physically, for that matter, since she lost her steam during the earlier reward challenge.) But fortunately for her, Brenda outlasted Marty to win immunity, giving Jane another shot at the tech executive.

While she was getting the numbers together to vote out her enemy, Marty was forging ahead with his original plan to blindside Jane. He made good progress, convincing both of the mighty rulers of Libertad, Sash and Brenda. "Marty's plan makes sense," Sash said. "But Brenda and I have the power to send whoever we want home." (Dude, we get it!)

Things looked even worse for Jane as Sash revealed that he wanted Marty to stay. "He cooks, he tells us everything. I wouldn't want Marty to go home tonight." Uh ... and Jane doesn't provide for you lazy kids? Geeez.

At Tribal Council, Marty admitted that he felt "fairly comfortable." He clearly felt even more confident and convinced that his plan was going to work after Brenda told host Jeff Probst that Jane was indeed a threat. "Ya'll messed with the wrong gator, missy," Marty said as he wrote down Jane's name.

But apparently, it was Marty who messed with the wrong dog. In a tight vote, the tech exec became the second person voted to the jury. Turns out though Brenda knew Jane was a threat, she turned on Marty instead. 

Amazing. And I had just about written off this group as the dumbest bunch of contestants ever for keeping such a major player in the game for so long. Were you surprised that Marty finally got the boot? Who's next to go?

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