'Man of Steel' predicted to fly away with $100M in first weekend

The film almost never mentions the name "Superman." But as everyone knows, the latest reboot of the oldest of superhero origin stories, "Man of Steel," is all about the boy from Krypton who fell to Earth, and it's about to be unleashed on theaters at the end of this week.

But will Superman be able to compete with his fellow men (and women) from mighty franchises like "Iron Man" and "Avengers"?

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Fans rave about Superman's return in 'Man of Steel'

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Fandango.com's Dave Karger thinks there's a fighting chance; as he said on a segment aired on Wednesday's TODAY, "I don't think 'Man of Steel' can approach what 'Iron Man' made in its first weekend, which was $175 million," he said, "but I think a $100 million opening for 'Man of Steel' is not out of the question at all."

Considering the last Superman reboot, 2006's "Superman Returns" failed to live up to expectations, there's a lot riding on the red-caped wonder and any future he may have in Hollywood. (Though let's face it, a sequel is not only a done deal -- it's already being fast-tracked.)

"The Superman character has been around since most of us were even born," said Karger. "But yet he's still a character who lives strong in peoples' imaginations."

"Man of Steel" opens in theaters on June 14. Will you go? Let us know below in "Talk About It"!

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