'Losers' gain new competition and big troubles

They're baaaaack!

Just when the remaining "Biggest Loser" contestants started to feel secure in their spots on the ranch, the very first players to leave the game returned to reclaim their places in the competition. And as one might expect, it wasn't a drama-free affair.

Brother and sister team Adrian and Daphne, aka the aqua team, got the boot after the first challenge of the season before they even had a chance to enter the "Loser" gates. But all the duo had to do to get back in it to win it was to drop 50 pounds, as a team, in one month. Well, with the month over and the 50 (and then some) pounds behind them, the always-ascot-wearing Adrian and his sibling were ready to rejoin the game.

After some initial grumbling about having to drop their aqua tees and split up among the existing teams, a round of rock-paper-scissors decided Daphne would go with Bob Harper's black team and Adrian would go with Dolvett Quince's whiny bunch of ... er, red team.

See, the reds, or rather Kim and drama-magnet Conda, didn't care for Adrian from the get-go. Maybe it was his ascot; maybe it was his humorous this-is-fresh, this-is-how-I-roll attitude; or maybe it had something to do with his over-the-top claim that he worked out 14 hours a day back home. But whatever it was, it had the ladies' tongues wagging all week with complaints, personal jabs and general mean-girls behavior. Heck, at one point, in true mean-girl fashion, Conda even bluntly suggested Adrian sit somewhere else when he almost made the mistake of dining next to her and her pal.

That's when house grandma, or G-Ma as they call Nancy, called the gabby gals out on their petty ways. And in fair G-Ma fashion, she also pointed out that Adrian has a big personality and might be better off speaking up less and listening more. He's a newbie from their perspective, after all.

'Biggest Loser' season 13

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Meet the 20 contestants who are vying not only for the $250,000 grand prize, but to change their lives for the better.

Alas, neither side seemed moved by Nancy's reasonable argument, and the problems never really went away.

But the folks on the red team weren't the only ones feeling tense.

Over on Team Black, Daphne seemed to fit in well enough, but Christine, who came close to quitting last week, wasn't.

As it turned out, Christine was angry that she was "technically one vote away from elimination" following her I-wanna-go-home stunt. But unlike cranky Conda, Christine didn't take out her anger on her teammates. Instead she tried to kill them with kindness, including awkward compliments, promises to be a "listening ear" and a source of "compassionate understanding."

Both Chism and Jeremy found it creepy, and frankly, it was.

But all was briefly forgotten when the teams hit the scales. First, Bob's bunch put up a series of low numbers, with Daphne posting the lowest in the form of a one-pound loss. They assumed they'd soon head off to the elimination room -- that is, until the reds weighed in.

Their numbers were even worse, with Adrian hitting the low mark with just two pounds down. Of course, since he and his sister joined with a late-game disadvantage, they had immunity this week, so their numbers didn't matter -- except to their teammates.

In other words, the tensions were back on before the red team even voted. Mark accused Adrian of playing the game, and Adrian in return pretended he didn't even know what the game was. Much like the earlier problems, no one came out looking good -- especially after the always likable G-Ma was sent packing. She didn't even have a chance to say goodbye before the bickering started up again.

What do you think of the tensions on the ranch? And did the red team do the right thing by getting rid of Nancy as opposed to ... oh, say, Conda? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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