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'Llewyn Davis' star Carey Mulligan would still rather go nude than sing in movies

Carey Mulligan is no stranger to singing on camera. She shows off her pipes alongside Justin Timberlake in the new film "Inside Llewyn Davis," and crooned "New York, New York" in 2011's "Shame." But that doesn't mean she has to like it. And during her Monday visit to TODAY, Matt Lauer reminded her of a quote she once gave saying singing on camera is scarier than doing a nude scene.

"That's true in a weird way," she admitted. "In the context of this film, we had the most incredible people ... T-Bone Burnett produced all the music and he's a living legend. And Justin Timberlake, I have to sing with him, and he's a decent singer." 

She chuckled. "I was just surrounded by all these incredible musicians, so the prospect of baring my voice in front of them ..."

Despite having a good voice and being married to a full-time musician, Mumford & Son's Marcus Mumford, she hasn't grown more confident about sharing her music publicly.

Said Mulligan, "I spare everybody my singing apart from when I do it in films."

But Mulligan wasn't the only person scared by her role as Jean in the film. As Lauer noted, her audition for the part of the embittered folk singer apparently scared the film's veteran directors, Joel and Ethan Coen.

"That's so cool," she said when he told her that. "That's all you want."

"Inside Llewyn Davis" is currently in theaters.