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Lindsay Lohan returns to 'SNL,' and gets lots of support from the cast. Sort of.

March 4, 2012 at 12:33 PM ET

Lindsay Lohan made her return to "Saturday Night Live" last night, and right from the start, she was greeted with nothing but support from the cast. Well, kind of. As she began her opening monologue, she addressed her legal troubles head on.

“I want to thank all the people at SNL who trusted me to have me back,” Lohan said, and then, as she stepped off the stage to continue her remarks, a siren and red light flashed, signaling that her ankle monitor had been triggered,

“Wait! So the alarm goes off if I leave the stage?" she said. "I thought it was only if I left the studio. I thought you guys trusted me!”

Enter Keenan Thompson, who offers words of support and reassurance, and to check her pupils. Then Kristen Wiig came out to encourage her as well and tell her that “everyone here believes in you, everyone! We wouldn’t have you back otherwise.” She then gives Lohan a big hug  … and proceeds to pat her down.

"Kristen, are you searching me?” Lohan asked, to which Wiig responds “no, no, I’m, ah, I’m a lesbian now.” Lohan’s retort? “Been there, done that.”

After Wiig declared her clean, Lohan said: “Maybe it was too soon for me to come back,” which prompted Jimmy Fallon to come out and remind her that everyone deserves a second chance and the staff has full faith in her, but …  Jon Hamm (making a guest appearance) was on hand to take over as guest host, just in case.

After the opening, the show cut to a video spoof of the "Real Housewives" franchise with "The Real Housewives of Disney," featuring Belle (Abby Elliott) from "Beauty and the Beast," Snow White (Vanessa Bayer), Jasmin (Nasim Pedrad) from "Aladdin," Rapunzel (Lohan) and the hot-mess Cinderella (Kristen Wiig).


"You guys are like stepsisters to me -- except not the evil kind," Rapunzel (Lohan), tells her fellow princesses, before shooting Wiig's Cinderella an evil glance.

The best line of the skit, however, was saved for Elliott's Belle. “At least I didn’t marry a beast!” said Snow White, to which Belle replied “His name is Kelsey Grammer!”

Lohan also found some laughs in her brief period of incarceration, playing herself in a spoof of "Scared Straight."


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