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Latest 'Runway' challenge ruffles a few feathers

Oct. 7, 2011 at 9:03 AM ET

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Six designers remain, and unfortunately one of them is Josh M. Seriously, I don't understand how Bedazzler Man keeps skating through, especially after last week's horrible pants, and yet he's still here, holding on, looking for new ways to spread tacky throughout the land.   

On a side note: "Project Runway All Stars" = very excited, "Project Runway Accessory" = um, not so much. And what's this? The very first "After the Runway" show airs after "PR" tonight? Okay, gotta watch that.   

Anyway, back to plain vanilla "Project Runway." Viktor thinks Josh M. is the only one who can beat him. Viktor shouldn't worry so much.

Heidi presents the latest challenge. She drops lots of hints -- the designers will need to spread their wings, elevate their games, etc. Bert suspects skydiving. But no. When the contestants go to the workroom, they're confronted by birds. Actual, live birds. Kimberly hates wild animals. Well, the good news they don't have to keep the birds, just make designs inspired by them. For that, the winner gets $20,000 and an advertorial in Marie Claire.   

Oh, and goodie, another team challenge! The designers groan. I don't blame them. There are only six people left, do we really need these guys to team up?

The pairs are: 

Anya and Laura will be inspired by the raven

Josh M. and Bert are given the Amazon parrot

Viktor and Kimberly get the cockatoo.   

No one gets the owl. Poor owl. Back to the Hundred Acre Wood with him!  

But wait! There's a twist. These aren't teams -- it's actually a head to head challenge. So Anya will be playing against Laura, etc. This could be interesting. Or horrible. I expect a very tense workroom.   

It's business as usual as the designers sketch, run off to Mood and start pinning and cutting. And yes, the workroom is as tense as you might expect. No actual fighting, but just lots of tension.

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