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Pop Culture

KLG discovers Google: 'Now the NSA knows where I am!'

It all started innocently enough.

The ladies were having a conversation about how to protect your reputation online, especially if someone starts slamming you.

"What do you do?" Hoda asked.

"I don't know, I don't know, that's why I avoid it like the plague, " Kathie Lee said, of the Internet (No offense taken over here, KLG). Keep in mind, she still uses a flip phone, and just recently learned how to use Facebook and Twitter.

But even KLG couldn't hold out forever.

"I by mistake Googled for the first time ever the other day and it so surprised me," she revealed. "And then I had another sobering thought, which is rare for me."


Despite Hoda's giggles, KLG powered through. "Now the NSA knows where I am!" she cried. "I was the only person left in America that they couldn't find! And now they can."

National security aside, Hoda wanted to know the nitty-gritty: "Was Googling a rush?"

"You know what, I was stunned how easy it was," KLG said. "And then I was stunned, what a wonderful tool it was."

But don't expect her to make it a habit. "I haven't done it since," she admitted.