'King's Speech' confidence on display ahead of Oscars

Feb. 24, 2011 at 10:21 AM ET

The Weinstein Co. /
"King's Speech" star Colin Firth should have plenty of reason to crack a smile Sunday night.

When Sunday rolls around, the films and actors that seem to be locks for awards might have a rude awakening, but until then, there seems to be a clear winner, if confidence counts.

Based on buzz on the ground, "The King's Speech" seems to be poised for a sweep. Best picture, best actor (Colin Firth), best supporting actor (Geoffrey Rush), best director (Tom Hooper), even best score -- the film is considered a good bet for multiple wins. "It's not even just the talk about it being Colin's time," said one key member of the production team, "it's also about the work that Harvey Weinstein (the film's producer) did to get the Academy members to accept it. They love it." 

So there are no worries about a "Social Network" upset? "The only category where there's a big question is for best director, but I think that Tom really did the better work," said the (obviously biased) source. 

Bias aside, the general feeling here in Los Angeles is that the academy will tip toward "The King's Speech." As one person in the industry said, "the Facebook thing is just too foreign for them. They're going to go with what feels like an Oscar film, and that's 'King's Speech.'"

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