Kim Kardashian's wedding: Here comes the tone-deaf bride

Aug. 19, 2011 at 9:30 AM ET

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Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries.

COMMENTARY: When you cover pop culture for a living, there are plenty of days when news of national and international importance makes doing the job difficult. It’s rare that that I apologize for being a bridge to entertainment, though; even in the worst of times, we all reach a point when the mood needs lightening. However, when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries, I cannot find a single justification for any promotion of the event beyond the words on this page. In fact, the Saturday nuptials might just be the most tone deaf occasion I can think of, past and present.

When Somalia is in the midst of horrific famine, how exactly can Mrs. Humphries-to-be justify sending her guest list (rumored to number almost 1,000) wedding invitations so ornate, they arrived in custom-made boxes, embellished with black hematite crystals? And don't they feel a little self conscious about their registry at Gearys of Beverly Hills? I mean, it's very generous that one of their guests purchased the $6,500 Lalique vase they requested, but I imagine there are some folks in Joplin, Mo., that could have put that dollar amount to better use.

Before Kardashian sympathizers begin to pen their hate mail to me, please know that I am in no way suggesting that Kim and Kris call off their wedding because there are people less fortunate than them in the world. That's unreasonable in an equal and opposite direction. What I am suggesting instead is to have the wedding, but do it with just a little bit of awareness. For example, would it have been so difficult for the couple to set up a charitable foundation in lieu of gifts, a la the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Or how about scale back on the guest list (or opt for crystal-less invites), and donate part of what you would have spent to another cause?

The Kardashian fame machine is a well-oiled one, and given the fact that even pelvic exams aren't off limits for the family, I never imagined they'd do a 180 and arrange a more private, low-key wedding affair. But now would have been a really good time for them to use their platform for good, instead of just brand endorsements. Too bad this opportunity was missed.

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