Ryan O'Neal

Kelly Osbourne shocked by Ryan O'Neal's parenting comments

May 2, 2012 at 9:07 AM ET

Ryan O'Neal may have softened some hearts when he appeared on TODAY on Tuesday morning, but one of them was not Kelly Osbourne's. The daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and current co-host on E!'s "Fashion Police" was clearly angered by some of the comments O'Neal made, including appearing to forget his son Redmond's name.

"I went to school with Redmond, so for him to turn around and say, 'and who is the other one again' -- you're his father, you have to know his name!" she said while appearing on TODAY's Professionals segment Wednesday morning.

She was also irritated by how he seemed to deflect any responsibility for his children's problems, now that they're adults.

"Children are a reflection of their parents," said Osbourne, who admitted to having her own difficulties while growing up with a famous dad. "I went through my own troubles, and my father severely blamed himself, even though I know that there was nothing that could have stopped me if I wanted to do it."

Osbourne has battled an addiction to painkillers, undergoing treatment in rehab several times, the last time being in 2009.

"You need that support group, you need to know that the people around you love and support you and want the best for you," said Osbourne.

You can watch the complete TODAY's Professionals segment here.

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