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Kathie Lee and Hoda take 'selfies,' Gervais-style

Most people take “selfies” to capture themselves at an attractive moment, maybe while they're wearing a cute outfit or enjoying a fun moment with friends.

Not Ricky Gervais. The British comedian has a unique approach to taking pictures of himself.

“You’ve got to make yourself as hideous as possible with only the face you’ve been given,” he told Kathie Lee and Hoda on Thursday, when he appeared to promote his new Netflix show, “Derek.”

Awww, thanks, Ricky! Ricky Gervais teaches Hoda, Kathie Lee and TODAY viewers how to take photos of themselves looking as unattractive as humanly possible.

Gervais said he often takes selfies while he's in the bathub, with his hair slicked back and his jaw stretched out over his neck in an unusually wide grin. 

He helped show Kathie Lee and Hoda how to take such a picture, explaining the best angle to capture an unattractive photo of yourself is from below.

“That’s pretty hideous,” KLG said of the resulting effort.

The fourth-hour ladies give Ricky Gervais' selfie suggestions a try.

Gervais said he likes taking selfies at the very end of his bath, when “your skin goes prickly.”

“End of the day. Maybe a glass of wine in the bath,” he suggested.

“Why wait?” KLG wondered.