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Katherine 'perplexed' by tricky wardrobe malfunction on 'Dancing With the Stars'

May 8, 2012 at 9:41 AM ET

A wardrobe malfunction hardly put a damper on Katherine Jenkins latest ballroom effort.

"Dancing With the Stars" has seen its share of wardrobe mishaps in its 14 season history -- from nip slips to lost shoes and beyond -- but songstress Katherine Jenkins experienced a rather odd malfunction during her cha-cha trio with pro partners Mark Ballas and Tristan MacManus on Monday night.

When the two men went to rip off her suit to reveal a sassy, sparkly little number underneath, all but the right leg of the pants did as expected. Instead, Katherine had to dance for a few extra beats with an unexpected additional bit of clothing clinging to her.

"It was wrapped around my foot and underneath my foot, and I just thought, 'Am I going to fall?' " Katherine told reporters after the show. "We still can't work out how that actually happened."

As Mark explained after the taping, part of what made the malfunction so strange was that the suit was a onesie that was supposed to just peel off.

"What happened was, when she put her leg up, I yanked on the Velcro," he said. "So as I yanked and she kicked, (the leg of the pants) came off at the same time. ... (Katherine) gunned! So it was too late for me to go get it."

"I’m still a bit perplexed by the whole thing," Katherine added. "I’m glad it was down there and not up here." (Bet all the female stars who've had a wardrobe malfunction up top are jealous!)

Even though the singer ended up making what her pro called a "great" and "instinctive" unchoreographed kick to rid herself of the clingy costume part and ended up with a near-perfect score of 29, the pair wasn't exactly pleased with the final result.

"I was just upset because the leg thing happened and the dance was SO clean," Mark griped. "Like when you watched it in rehearsal ... it was just clean. And then the focus went to (the malfunction) instead of how clean the dance was."

"We don’t need something like that happening in a double elimination week," Katherine pointed out. "But I hope the people at home can see it was completely out of our hands."

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