Kate's 'Plus 8' want her to start dating

Aug. 8, 2011 at 9:59 AM ET

Kate and her eight are ready to date!

That's just one tidbit Kate Gosselin shared during her interview with TODAY's Ann Curry on Monday. Gosselin's show, "Kate Plus 8" returns Monday night on TLC, and that means both fans -- and critics -- are wondering: Just how is America's most notorious single mom dealing with both her brood and trying to find a new man?

"I'm definitely ready to start dating," said Gosselin, who added she'd like to get some of her best friends to round up any eligible men. "There are a lot of obstacles for me. The odds of me bumping into someone are rare."

Those obstacles, of course, aren't just about having eight kids -- but about carrying on so much of her life in front of television cameras. That's something that doesn't readily fit on a Match.com dating profile, and she said as much to Curry.

"I have eight kids, I have a crazy work schedule, I'm known," said Gosselin. "It's sort of daunting when I think about the obstacles. I'm hoping that person is out there, because the kids on a daily basis are just begging me to get married again. They bring it up all the time."

Raising her kids solo (she and Jon Gosselin divorced in 2009) has been a real challenge, she added. "I'm not going to lie, it's really settling in now two years later being a single mom of eight kids. It's difficult. I've had a lot of difficult moments and stressful moments, and you're going to see it (on the show), the good, the bad and the ugly."

She also addressed rumors that her show was winding down, and would likely be canceled: "Nobody has told me. We will do it as long as people are watching."

Which, she acknowledged, means the show could follow her children all the way into high school -- though Gosselin chuckled, "I might be dead by then."

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