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Kate Walsh confesses she spent a 'very Fargo' night in jail once

Kate Walsh plays an ex-stripper-turned-trophy-wife-turned-widow in the darkly funny FX miniseries "Fargo." The role is just one of many oddball parts in the reimagining of the 1996 Coen Brothers film of the same name, but for Walsh, it's not that odd at all.

During a Thursday morning visit to TODAY, the actress explained that she's lived a "Fargo" moment of her own.

The reveal came while playing the TODAY-favorite game Two Truths and a Lie, wherein a guest reveals three details from his or her life, but one of them isn't true.

"I once spent the night in jail for throwing a cue ball through a mirror at a bar in Chicago," Walsh began. "I do yoga with my cat, Pablo. And my dog swims with a life jacket in a pool in Los Angeles."

As it turned out, there was no truth to the kitty yoga yarn (though she does do Pilates with Pablo), which means the jail tale (and the one about the pooch) was all too true.

"In my foolish youth in Chicago, I was with a friend," Walsh said as she set up the story. "We maybe had a couple drinks. We were playing pool, and I don't know … things got out of hand. I decided to stop the madness by throwing a cue ball through a mirror. … It was very Fargo, actually. That was a night I'll never forget."

See actual "Fargo" moments from Walsh, and the rest of the show's cast, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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