Mad Men

Ka-pow! Lane decks Pete on 'Mad Men'

April 16, 2012 at 7:33 PM ET

Ron Jaffe / AMC /
Lane decks Pete at the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as Don and Roger look on.

Who would've thought that kind, gentle Lane Pryce would ever get into a fist fight on "Mad Men"? In the office? With a co-worker?! Well, it happened on Sunday's episode when the Englishman lost his cool with Pete Campbell at the start of a partners' meeting.

Sure, it was pretty ridiculous, what with Don drawing the shades so that the rest of the office wouldn't see the brawl. But as Joan later noted to Lane, "Everyone in this office has wanted to do that to Pete Campbell."

What did you think of the fight? Did Pete deserve it?

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