Justin Timblerlake seeks mystery couple in new 'mini-doc' music video

According to Justin Timberlake's new music video, there's a couple out there somewhere who recently got engaged to his latest single, and the hit maker wants to find them.

In the video for "Not a Bad Thing," which made its debut on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Thursday, the search is on for the duo who are said to have shared their special moment during a Manhattan-bound train ride.

"This is a true story — Jan. 12, 2014," a voiceover begins. "It was a crisp, cold Sunday night on a Long Island railroad train speeding towards New York City. It was a scene out of a movie, like 'Say Anything.'"

But instead of John Cusack standing with a boombox perched over his head, as he did in that classic flick from 1989, it was a unknown man who raised a small smartphone speaker over his head and proposed to his girlfriend while "Not a Bad Thing" played. She said yes … or so the story goes.

Posters flash throughout the video, which Timberlake himself calls a "mini-doc," featuring an artist rendering of the couple with #haveyouseenthiscouple and a corresponding email address (haveyouseenthiscouple@gmail.com) added.

The video closes with a hopeful "to be continued."

So, did the couple really find true love? Will JT really find the couple? There are doubters out there — and in here.

On Friday morning, TODAY's own Al Roker admitted, "I'm a little dubious about it."

But Tamron Hall was sold on the story.

"I got goose bumps," she said. "I think it's real."

As for Natalie Morales, she thought it all seemed "too perfect," but there was one thing the whole TODAY gang could agree on. If someone knows the couple, they should get in touch with TODAY.

"Before you let (Justin) know!" Hall added.

"And then we'll hold (them) hostage until Justin Timberlake comes here," Roker joked.

If all that goes according to plan, Morales had a suggestion.

"Justin Timberlake will officiate the wedding!" she said.

Well, we can dream.

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