Justin Bieber fan spends $100,000 on surgery to resemble the singer

A 33-year-old man named Toby Sheldon told the British tabloid Closer that he has spent nearly $100,000 over the course of five years on plastic surgery aimed at making him look like Justin Bieber.

Image: Toby Sheldon Double Vision Media
Justin Bieber fan Toby Sheldon is pictured before, left, and after surgeries performed to make him look like the teen pop star.

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Sheldon, described as an L.A.-based "songwriter" with an admitted fear of aging, says he's had work done to make his smile and eyes more closely resemble the pop star. He started out with Botox injections and then switched to Aquamid, which lasts longer. He also has had hair transplants.

"It's Justin's smile that gives him his youthful look," Sheldon said, revealing that he has his "upper lip lifted" and "bottom lip plumped out."

His last surgery, a "smile surgery" performed in July, cost him $15,000 alone.

"My smile surgery took more than a month to recover from," Sheldon said. "And, after my eyelid surgery, I couldn't open my eyes for a week."

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While Sheldon's family lives in Germany and doesn't know of his procedures, he says his friends approve.

"My friends shower me with compliments," he says. "They even call me Toby Bieber."

Justin Bieber

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The teen sensation got his start when his proud mom uploaded his videos to YouTube. Now he’s poised to rule the pop world.


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