Taylor Swift

Just who is the queen of pop?

June 29, 2011 at 4:21 PM ET

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Who do you love? Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift dominate most of the categories related to pop stardom.

The question of who the "queen of pop" may be is typically a question of momentary dominance. Want to make a decision based on album sales? Then Taylor Swift might be your queen. Does capturing attention by donning a meat dress do something for you? Then Gaga's probably your girl.

That sort of logic might make some sense while in the moment, but it's far from a comprehensive approach. Recognizing this, Rolling Stone has taken an under-the-microscope tactic and actually crunched numbers for 16 solo female artists.

The mag ranked brick-and-mortar sales and digital tracks, YouTube play and airplay, social networking as well as awards -- among many other elements -- to find out just who is the queen of pop.

Click through Rolling Stone's study, and see if you agree with the answer. And then weigh in with our vote.

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